Environment and Sustainability

Commitment to the environment and product sustainability

Conceria La Veneta has been working for years to minimize the environmental impact of its production process. This is possible due to optimizing recipes, to self-producing energy and to using alternative products of vegetable and/or enzymatic origin.



Autonomia energetica

The cogeneration plant allows the company to be self-sufficient for 20% of its energy. La Veneta manages to independently produce a part of the steam needed by cooling the engine of the plant.



The company has developed an optimized recipe system starting from classic recipes and then by following technological developments. This has allowed a reduced water consumption; in fact, La Veneta uses only 32 cubic metres of water, which is 20% less compared to the average amount, to process 1000 kg of calfskin.



Conceria La Veneta particularly focuses on COD, the chemical oxygen demand, and constantly strives to reduce its value. Due to the use of natural alternative products, 75 kg of COD are discharged for every 1000 kg of hide, 70% less compared to the average discharge, which is equal to 250 kg of COD.


Prodotti chimici

Conceria La Veneta oriented towards natural and eco-sustainable alternatives, integrated with the optimized and improved recipes and the innovative systems. The enzymatic and vegetable-based products have progressively replaced chemical ones, thus halving sulphide, sulfhydrate and chloride values.

Environment and sustainability

La Veneta Tannery

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Denomination Of Origin (Cert-001-2007-M DO-ICEC)

In 2007 the company obtained the denomination of origin certification for leather and finished leathers in compliance with the UNI 11239:2007 standard updated in 2015 in compliance with the UNI EN 16484:2015 "Standard determining the origin of leather production". The company guarantees its clients that the qualifying phases of the tanning process have been carried out in Italy, therefore assuring the stylistic and innovative content, as well as the cutting edge technology and environmental respect that characterize Italian manufacturing.

Enviroment (Cert-035-2006-EMS-ICEC)

In 2006 the company introduced a management system for the environment system according to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard and in 2018 in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard. The company will commit to controlling and reducing environmental impacts deriving from its activities; guaranteeing the conformity to applicable mandatory requirements.

Quality (Cert-123-2003-QMS-ICEC)

In 2003 the company introduced a management system for the quality certificate according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and in 2018 in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The company will commit to maintaining continuous improvement of internal organizing procedures and manufacturing; guaranteeing product conformity to the clients’ requirements, to those applicable mandatory requirements to the product and the requirements established by the company itself..

Quality and environment policy.

The company in the year 2017 has produced a single document that expresses the policy adopted in respect of all its commitments over the years both in quality and in terms of environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility for the territory

In 2019 the company obtained, through the Cultural Institute of Social Sciences "Nicolò Rezzara", the attestation where it results an efficient system of social responsibility and corporate sustainability in the relevant areas: work, ethics, social and cultural commitment in the territory . With this document Conceria La Veneta spa, based on the main international guidelines on the subject, undertakes to implement its own corporate processes paying particular attention to factors linked to the territory and to social growth.