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Biodegradable leather

Biodegradable leather

The earth is suffering. The tannery responds

The earth is suffering. The tannery responds

The boldness of a biodegradable choice

Leather in all its splendour. In the name of an innovation and development process, Conceria La Veneta has been working on a project dedicated to the creation of biodegradable leather since 2018.

UPDATE ON 26/04/2021: our product is certified biodegradable.

Biodegradable leather
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Despite a reputation that discredits clean and eco-friendly work, the tanning industry has been committed to improving all production cycles from every perspective for years. The tannery is constantly in step with the progress of chemical research and trends: in this particular historical moment, it has decided to stand tall and face the will of the market by switching to a new type of leather that can be biodegradable.

La Veneta Biodegradable Leather:

the idea is to create a patented, leather that has been tested in an environment suitable for controlling residues, their compatibility with the environment, and can therefore be biodegradable when the product has reached the end of its life and only under certain conditions.

A project that looks towards an increasingly ecological future.

What does biodegradable mean?
It is the ability of an organic substance or material to be degradable into a simpler substance by the enzymatic activity of microorganisms.

Biodegradable Leather Resia

Biodegradable leather is so...Natural!

The process that should make the finished product over 90% biodegradable, in a completely natural way, is possible thanks to a biodegradable polymer tanning.

Strengths of biodegradable leather:

Waste and Reuse:

the trims and shavings from this type of tanning could be disposed of by direct composting. Shavings are also normally reused in agriculture as fertiliser, those from biodegradable tanning may not be classified as special waste and skip this step.
We are carrying out verification tests.


biodegradable leather is more tear resistant, as the natural fibres of the leather remain more intact and maintain their natural performance.
First test results:
BURST > 8 mm
TEAR > 60 N

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Greener than this…

Conceria La Veneta has always proposed leather that respects the environment right from the production phase. An extremely low environmental impact is recognised with the biodegradable project.
A careful and meticulous quality control phase is provided by expert managers, ensuring that the product is not contaminated during the process. Expected time: March 2021.

Generation Z of tanning.

To learn everything about the new eco-leather, contact the company here.