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The environmentally friendly tannery

Environment and sustainability

Conceria La Veneta and attention to environmental sustainability

Conceria La Veneta and attention to environmental sustainability

Commitment to the environment and product sustainability

A modern industrial practice does not preclude the respect and preservation of the surrounding natural environment. Conceria La Veneta has always been committed to minimising the environmental impact of its production process. The optimisation of recipes, the self-production of energy and the use of alternative products of vegetable or enzymatic origin are well-founded dynamics within the tannery.

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The cogeneration plant allows energy self-sufficiency for 20% of the company's needs. Through cooling the plant’s engine, the company can autonomously produce part of the steam needed.

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Particular attention is paid to COD, the chemical oxygen demand, which is constantly decreasing. Thanks to the use of alternative natural products, 75 kg of COD is discharged every 1000 kg of leather, 70% less than the average 250 kg of COD.


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The company has developed an optimised recipe system starting from classic recipes and following technological developments. This has allowed for reduced water consumption: only 32 cubic metres of water are used to process 1000 kg of calf hide, 20% less than the average.

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The direction of the tannery has always been towards using natural and eco-sustainable alternatives, integrated with the tanning recipes optimised and perfected to the innovative systems. Enzymatic and vegetable-based products have progressively replaced chemical ones, thus halving the amounts of sulphide, sulphydrate and chloride.

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Nature and respect. Conceria La Veneta always attentive to eco-sustainability.

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