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Processing of quality leathers

Venetian tanning industry: the tradition of the Chiampo Valley

Processing of quality leathers

Venetian tanning industry: the tradition of the Chiampo Valley

Leather processing has very distant origins, in fact there is talk of some leather trading already back in the Middle Ages. Around the end of the 19th century the tanning evolution was established by the development of innovative processes and processing techniques, by the introduction of new chemical compounds, and by the use of increasingly modern equipment. In the 20th century, the tanning industry that had developed in the Chiampo Valley, found prosperity due to the surrounding natural environment, suitable for helping the growth of the tanning district, today still one of the largest in Italy.

The art of tanning: an Italian story

Behind the tanning scenes:
Research and Development

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Conceria La Veneta has developed over time, improving from every perspective. The company’s business began as a tannery of calf and baby calf hides intended for the most renowned Italian, French and Spanish shoe factories. The historical evolution has allowed the company to reach increasingly sought-after markets, as saddleries.

The progress of Conceria La Veneta has been driven by company decisions aimed at keeping the company in step with the times: it has set up its own laboratory inside to constantly monitor product research, development, testing and verification.
A production area has also been set up with technologically updated machines that require completely manual steps, allowing unique processing that gives the leathers that touch of craftsmanship.

Conceria La Veneta has more than 85 employees to date in a 23,000 square-metre area.

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Conceria La Veneta is synonymous with passion and tradition.

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