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A tannery with a customer-oriented service

A tannery with a customer-oriented service

Customising leather

Conceria La Veneta is a company that processes hides in detail. Each request is accepted and carried out to the specific instructions of the customer and because of this it is possible to customise the leathers in the desired finishes and colours. The leathers are not managed in stock and the production process follows the lines requested by the customer. This allows the company to concentrate on top-quality products, intended for the best brands of footwear, clothing, leather goods and jackets.

leather tanning


There are warehouses throughout Italy that deal with leather sorting and shipping Worldwide. Logistics perfected over time that guarantees fast and precise operations for any destination.


Home sampling

Conceria La Veneta is not afraid of distances. This is why it has organised a sampling service upon shipment to be able to reach even the most distant customers who want to see the tannery’s leather products first hand and see their colours and finishes.

pelle biodegradabile

Biodegradable leather

A project started in 2018 by Conceria La Veneta, which involves the production of biodegradable leather products. A courageous path that the business has decided to undertake, aware of bringing innovation and progress to the tanning world.

Processing leather is a real art.

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