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The journey of the hides within Conceria La Veneta

The journey of the hides within Conceria La Veneta

In order to achieve the quality of the articles that distinguish it, Conceria La Veneta must pay particular attention to the production area. There are four major phases in tanning hides and usually only the best tanning companies provide all of them.

Conceria La Veneta is one of them.

departments conceria la veneta – beamhouse operations

Beamhouse operations

The first macrophase is the preparation for tanning. The hides, which have reached the tannery in their raw state, are placed in drums to be washed by salt, equipped again with their own water content and consequent malleability, shaved and loosened in their fibrous structure in a single procedure called liming. At the end, after having been degreased, they are ready to be tanned.


In this processing phase, the real tanning of the hide takes place. The raw material is reinserted in the drums and immersed in special solutions, therefore making it rot-proof. The tanning agents with which this can be achieved, basing the tanning experience on a scale of tens of thousands of years, are the most varied: from aldehydes to tannins, from oils to metals. The most widespread, and the one which Conceria La Veneta also opts for, are chromium salts.


Once tanned, the hides must have the pigment that the final item will have. They are then put back into the drums with a mixture of dyes and lubricant. The fatliquoring process is used to restore the hide to its characteristic softness and malleability, which it was deprived of due to degreasing in the previous phases.


The final phase is the most complex, but also the one that allows the tanning technician to express his artistic flair. This is when the hide is subjected to all chemical and mechanical treatments that allow to give, especially on the grain side, those functional and aesthetic traits that will then be sought after in the finished product. Elasticity or stiffness is given, details on colour shades, polishing, buffing or a specific design are taken care of.


To conclude, the hides are measured. Now they are ready to be placed in the vault, where they will be stored under monitored environmental conditions.

Cleanliness, respect for the environment and innovation

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